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A student pilot from Capital Flight taxi's Cirrus 344DD on the ramp at Middleton Municipal Airport - Morey Field


As the premier Cirrus Training Center in the Midwest, our team of highly sought after instructors will help you become a pilot of one of the most reliable general aviation aircraft in the sky.

Private Pilot Training

Gone are the days of learning to fly in outdated aircraft. At Capital Flight, you can now obtain your Private Pilot's License in one of the world’s safest, most comfortable and sexiest airplanes. Our entirely new fleet of Cirrus SR’s allow our award winning instructors to provide immersive flight training that is designed to cultivate lifetime pilots.

A pilot preps a Cirrus SR20 for departure from Capital Flight on Middleton Municipal Airport,
Fly a Cirrus PPL
A private event inside the Capital Flight hangar at Middleton Municipal Airport, Morey Field.



An instrument rating isn't a license, but rather an add-on to an existing private or commercial pilot's license. While obtaining this rating requires dedication and effort, the payoff is tremendous as it allows you to arrive at your destination even if that means flying through clouds, adverse weather conditions or high above at over 18,000 feet.

Fly a cirrus IFR



There are many reasons we see pilots transition into a Cirrus. Some simply want to take advantage of the enhanced safety features while flying their family and friends, while others look for the luxury of piloting one of the sexiest and capable aircraft known to man. Whatever your case may be, we can help you become a Cirrus Pilot.

A Cessna 172N sits underneath the Cessna building at Dane County Regional Airport
Fly a cirrus transitio



Why simulate a flight experience when you can live life and immerse yourself in this hands-on custom tailored training extravaganza. Whether looking to accelerate your pilot training, learn how to fly through the western mountains or experience international travel, we’ve got you covered with the most experienced flight instructors to help show you the ropes. 

Fly a ciri immersion
fly a ciri contact

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