Cirrus names Capital Flight 2018 Cirrus Training Center of the Year for North America

Knoxville, TN (January 2019)

Knoxville, TN (January 2019)

Capital Flight has been named Cirrus Aircraft Company’s 2018 North American Training Center of the year. Exemplifying modern flight training with the Midwest’s most advanced fleet of air- craft, highly skilled instructors and a relationally focused mission, they raise the bar for what a modern aviation lifestyle brand can be.

Capital Flight’s accomplishment was awarded last week at Cirrus’ annual partner convention in Knoxville, Tenn. in front of over 650 other Cirrus training, service and sales partner attendees from all over the world. Cirrus Aircraft started in the late nineties in a Baraboo, Wisc. barn with the idea of increased comfort, aesthetic appeal and most of all, safety in a piston powered, sin- gle engine aircraft. The SR series of aircraft employs an entire airframe parachute that allows the entire aircraft and its occupants to return to the ground under a gigantic parachute in the rare case of a catastrophic mechanical failure or pilot incapacitation. Since its inception, over 7,000 SR aircraft have been delivered, and over 160 lives have been saved by this groundbreaking technology.

Capital Flight President, Matt Hofeldt explains “The modern Cirrus SR has completely changed the way people are able to use and interact with a personal airplane. This allowed us to com- pletely change the training model. We have a state of the art, beautiful facility that also acts as host to community events such as high end fundraisers and learning sessions. Combined with our beautiful fleet of new aircraft, and specialized, highly trained instructors who commit to a very personalized training program for our clients, we are able to offer something no one in the area does and maintain a consistent experience while maintaining our promise of a second to none experience”.

Capital Flight rounds out its brand by offering an entire ownership eco-system, granting its clients not only training, but sales, management and maintenance services as well.

“Our clients become lifelong friends, we love what we do, and having a company with as many talented partners as Cirrus single us out is a massive accomplishment, one in which I am very proud. Our team rocks”! says Hofeldt